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 Hi there, I’m Rachel 

A certified Master NLP coach, Belief Change and Havening practitioner, based in Staffordshire in the UK. I love working with people and organisations who are determined to achieve the fantastic results they want and deserve.

I help people and businesses, just like you, who are looking to gain clarity and direction in any or all aspects of their work or lives. You were born into this world as a perfect human being but along life’s journey, you may have taken on doubts, fears and limiting beliefs that prevent you from realising your AMAZING potential!

Let’s uncover your seam of gold and blast away those barriers that have been holding you back and clear the path to a brighter, happier, freer you!

 Ready to unlock your potential? 

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Rachel Boulton Life Coach

 Your Champion  and   Challenger 

My personal journey to become a Professional and Personal Development Coach started many decades ago and became a reality in more recent times. My previous careers included roles as a senior sales manager, helping to run a family business, a school bursar and even a project manager of two house builds. I love a challenge!

Throughout this journey I have identified two essential elements to my personal success and enjoyment; building close effective relationships and getting the right results.

I too have had my setbacks, both career and personal; suffered job redundancies, personal loss, anxiety and limiting beliefs. Coaching has helped me clear away my own self-doubt and dramatically improved my close relationships especially the one I have with myself. I wish someone had told me, when I was in my twenties, about the power and impact of coaching. It would have saved me wasting my time on jobs and relationships that were unfulfilling and even at times destructive.

Fast forward to today and I have the best job in the world, helping people find their way out of frustration, dissatisfaction and overwhelm into fulfilment, contentment, freedom and clarity. Finding that place where you are supposed to be is the most compelling reason why anyone should have a coach.

 Ready to start changing   your   life today 


A Relief To Be Honest With Myself

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In my very first session with Rachel she was able to get to the nub of my issue, I had been procrastinating about clearing my father’s house and was unclear why. She was able to get me to see I was avoiding the task because I was avoiding the fact that he wasn’t around any longer. Clearly this was very emotional for me, but Rachel was so kind and understanding, and actually it was a relief to be honest with myself. After this I was able to go and clear dads place, and just hold onto the happy memories. Thank you, Rachel.


Excellent for the individual and the whole organisation!

Rachel has worked with Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service and has been an integral part of developing our leaders. Individuals from across the organisation have received executive coaching and support which has helped them develop as managers and leaders. As well as improving their capabilities at work, many participants have expressed how the development has improved other areas of their life. I have seen a huge and positive return on the investment which has enabled individuals to flourish and be their best. I would highly recommend engaging with Rachel as part of any organisational development programme.

Howard Watts – Director, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Everything is possible!

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Rachel has an infectious joy of life. This comes through in her coaching as a feeling that so much is possible.


Feel calmer and more excited about my professional and personal life

I did not know Rachel or Freedom Coaching before my sessions as this was arranged through my work. Rachel helped me change so much about myself in such a short space of time (4 months). Some of this change was near to me yet invisible and some of it was so much deeper that without Rachel’s support I would not have found it. I feel calmer and more excited about my professional and personal life as a result and my sleep has gone back to normal (first time in 13-14 years). I would highly recommend anyone to reach out to Rachel as the guidance you will receive is outstanding.

James Hettihewa-Young

Amazing Impact On My Whole Life

I’ve worked with Rachel across a number of coaching sessions remotely using teams. Rachel put me at ease instantly with her professional yet friendly nature. We made great progress on changing my habits, working through goal setting, plus resolving a life dilemma which had sat with me for months. As well as being really effective, each session was fun and enjoyable. It’s had an amazing impact – not just on the areas we worked through, but across my whole life. I feel lighter, more motivated, and excited to move forward as I know will be able to tackle any obstacles that get in my way. It’s one of the best investments that I have ever made


Financial Investment Is Worth It

Lisa Jones Title for testimonial

It was amazing to work with Rachel, she is a really warm and personable lady and I felt in very safe and capable hands. She guided me through the sessions and I got exactly what I needed from it. She has a great intuition and just seems to know what to say and the right moment to say it. I have worked with Rachel now on a few occasions and I have to say my own personal development has increased such a lot after having sessions with her. She is so easy to work with, so understanding, she has a great connection with her clients. I would absolutely wholeheartedly recommend her. The financial investment is so worth it and for me it has paid dividends.


Time Line Therapy – Amazing Results

Amy Crumpton Social Cactus Testimonial Photo

I had the privilege of working with Rachel on a couple of occasions and I instantly felt comfortable and at ease around her. We first worked together to break through some self-limiting beliefs and used a mixture of NLP techniques and Time Line Therapy. Rachel explained each process in a way that made sense to me which really helped me to relax.

I also worked with Rachel for a Time Line Therapy session to let go of a fear, anger, sadness, hurt and guilt. I’ve held onto a lot of trauma over the last 17 years and have tried many times over the years to let go without much success. TLT has been by far the most effective and powerful method, I experienced a huge shift during the session and felt like a new woman.

After having TLT and breaking through my self-limiting beliefs using NLP, I hit my biggest month in business and generated over £50,000 in sales!

I would highly highly recommend Rachel. She’s fab!


I got the job!

“Rachel really helped support me with my confidence ahead of a job interview. She helped me to consider what could go well rather than what might go wrong. After the session with Rachel, I was able to go into the interview feeling confident with strategies that I knew I could rely on if I felt anxiety starting to build.
These strategies were not only helpful for the interview but will be very helpful for the future.”

Bonnie Poole-Franklin

Everyone Needs This Reset!

“I feel fantastic thank you Rachel!
I was fed up of feeling anxious, moody and slightly confused with life. Even though my life is fine, nothing really to moan about, but i couldn’t find any peace or true joy anywhere.

After a coaching session, Rachel identified i had a limiting belief link with my new hobby (the sax), something which is supposed to be my go to happy place to de-stress and enjoy. So this had to change! also it was slowing down my progress with my ‘i’m not good enough’ attitude.

So with Time Line Therapy Rachel unlocked something in my brain all those negative emotions.

I’m calmer with my life, my work, my home, my relationships and especially with my daughter. She is at a tricky age of 11 and my therapy has helped me become calmer and more understanding. She is reacting back to me in a more positive way too, picking up on my ‘being present’ vibes now too!

I’m still learning everyday as life takes over in different ways, but i recognise it now and don’t just react as i would normally.

Also my sax playing has improved 10 fold, my mindset isn’t limiting my learning now and i love it!

Thank you Rachel! Everyone needs this reset its amazing xx”

Amy Stockley - Gorgeous Invites UK

Highly recommend working with Rachel

“Prior to working with Rachel, I was lacking in self-belief at a time when I was facing some challenges. I found Rachel to be extremely personable, calming and immediately felt at ease with her. As a result of our sessions, I have felt more self-confident and positive, plus I have strategies to make use of in the future. I now also feel a lot more relaxed and confident in certain situations where I would otherwise be very guarded. I would highly recommend working with Rachel.”

Americo G Dos Santos

 What you can   expect  from   working with me?

In my sessions I like to use compassion, inspiration and, when appropriate, humour to get you to where you want to be. This way, the whole process feels safe and accessible. At the beginning of each session I will clearly explain the steps to ensure that you are clear and committed to your journey and the process. It’s important that you feel comfortable and know that everything that is discussed is completely confidential.

The sessions can be held either 1:1 (based in Staffordshire, UK) or online via Google Meet or over the phone. I am also available between sessions via email or text if you should need any support.

I offer a blended approach of coaching with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy, Havening and Belief Change. I understand that there is not one size fits all and feel fortunate that I can offer my clients a multifaceted  approach that fits to their needs and desired outcomes. The overall journey is a process of personal growth and transformation making you more resilient, energised and confident.

Life coaching – a process to move you from your current situation to a clear and tangible objective.

NLP Techniques – to remove or overcome beliefs and patterns that have held you back, sometimes for decades.

Time Line Therapy – a powerful process that clears unwarranted and inappropriate anger, fear, hurt, sadness, guilt and limiting beliefs (for example; “I am not good enough”, “I don’t deserve success”, “money is hard to come by”) and creates a space for growth, acceptance, freedom and harmony.

6-Step Belief Change® - a powerful method to support clients to align their inner beliefs with their desired outcomes, goals or experiences.

Havening Techniques ® - a psychosensory technique that can be used to alleviate the consequences of traumatic or stressful events.

 I can tailor a package to your individual needs.   Please call or complete the contact form to discuss. 

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