“What on earth is NLP?”

Well let me try and explain a little ……Neuro Linguistic programming is a way of communicating, created in the 1970s, the discipline assumes there is a link between neurological processes (thought), language and behaviour.

“But what does that really look like and feel like to me?”

Well when I think back, the best way I’ve ever heard this explained was using the example of apps on a mobile phone. Through the specific use of NLP language and direction during a coaching session I help you realise that you already have all the inner resources that you need to support you, like apps that are on your phone but you don’t realise their benefits. You just need to recognise that they exist and then unlock the ones that will serve you best.

Another way of explaining how it works is imagining your mind like a computer that over the years starts to run slower and slower and at times even freezes out because of all of the stuff that gets downloaded onto it which serves no purpose or can even be destructive like a virus. The NLP techniques work like an antivirus software debugging our minds and uncluttering them (removing fears, doubts etc) in order that our minds can function with clarity.

It’s important to recognise and respect that we all see the world differently. We have our own script based on our values and beliefs and the experiences we have had through our lives. Our view and meaning of reality is based up on our own interpretation, therefore as all meaning is subjective, if you don’t like the way you feel about something you can change it. Just because you feel a certain way about something doesn’t mean it’s true. “I don’t like the way I feel about myself, I don’t feel I’m good enough”. When we understand how our mind works we can begin to change these internal representations and begin to live, feel and act the way we truly want to. NLP is a linguistic tool that helps you, the client, achieve that desired result.

Put simply it is a process used by a coach to reprogram your negative or habitual thoughts in order for you to fulfil your personal and professional ambitions and achieve excellence in every sphere of your life.

So whether you want to build your self–confidence, communicate effectively, or make life–changing decisions, NLP helps you to succeed. Neuro Linguistic Programming is all about bringing about changes in perception and developing choices of responses or communication in a given situation. … NLP works on the principle that everyone has all the resources they need to make positive changes in their own life.

So let’s get together and find the way forward to your improved quality of life..