“I feel fantastic thank you Rachel!
I was fed up of feeling anxious, moody and slightly confused with life. Even though my life is fine, nothing really to moan about, but i couldn’t find any peace or true joy anywhere.

After a coaching session, Rachel identified i had a limiting belief link with my new hobby (the sax), something which is supposed to be my go to happy place to de-stress and enjoy. So this had to change! also it was slowing down my progress with my ‘i’m not good enough’ attitude.

So with Time Line Therapy Rachel unlocked something in my brain all those negative emotions.

I’m calmer with my life, my work, my home, my relationships and especially with my daughter. She is at a tricky age of 11 and my therapy has helped me become calmer and more understanding. She is reacting back to me in a more positive way too, picking up on my ‘being present’ vibes now too!

I’m still learning everyday as life takes over in different ways, but i recognise it now and don’t just react as i would normally.

Also my sax playing has improved 10 fold, my mindset isn’t limiting my learning now and i love it!

Thank you Rachel! Everyone needs this reset its amazing xx”